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[…] and so we went through the Strait of Bonifacio, separating Sardinia from Corsica. After a few hours sailing, we see that fascinating stronghold set on the southernmost cliff of the island. Slowly, we head towards the harbour sailing through a strait bordered with steep crags creating a fjord-like ravine. Sun is going down and, like us, many other boats are hurrying back to seek shelter for the night within the embrace of those majestic natural walls. Enchanted by the peculiarity of that place, we decide to land and explore.

The site is divided into two sections: la marine, where the harbour is, and the Haute Ville, or the Upper city. The Haute Ville is part of the citadel and it is the beating heart of Bonifacio characterised by a mystical atmosphere. The old town has preserved its Medieval spirit and appearance as if someone had stopped the clock.

Like in a cobweb, narrow streets interlace in a maze that we greedly travel, trying not to miss anything. Small restaurants, gelaterie, shops and ateliers, everything contributes to create a picturesque atmosphere, surrounded by the breathtaking view on the Mediterranean sea.

This place is really able to make you forget about the many times you find yourself stuck in the traffic jam, or running around the city full of strangers that, just like soldiers, rush to their offices snapping to attention.

Our evening stroll leads us to overlook the view from the ancient walls that surround the city. The deep black colour of the night is sprinkled with tiny little lights of different nature. Closer to the coast are the light of all those boats at anchor outside the harbour, while, further away, we see lights of the Sardinian coast. The beauty of Bonifacio has been an unexpected surprise and an essential leg of my experience onboard. Should you be planning a stay in Corsica, I strongly suggest a stopover.